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Accentuate your natural assets or dial up the drama to full volume. Choose your signature style and let our expert technicians know if you’re after a more natural look or want to bring on the drama (all styles can be adjusted based on your lifestyle).

LASH EXTENSIONS - full sets & fills

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Every lash treatment is unique and personal. Your skincare regimen, workout schedule, sleeping habits, and other lifestyle factors may change how often you need a fill. To keep your lashes full, fresh and in tip-top shape, we recommend receiving a fill treatment every 2-3 weeks.
Our fill treatment is charged based on the amount of days/weeks you come back from your last appointment.  Our specially trained technicians need to use the full amount of time booked so we can ensure that we fill every natural lash possible.  Therefore, we encourage you to arrive a few minutes early for your appointment.

Consultation & Allergy Test

Wondering about product sensitivity? One of our licensed stylists will conduct a patch test. We'll apply the fee to your full set if you decide to book after your test (must wait at least 24 hours to book to ensure accuracy of patch test results). This includes the standard consultation. 

Fill from Outside Salon

Must have at least 40% remaining.  We have to take the time to look over the condition of your lashes and evaluate if we can refill over it or not.  If inappropriately applied then removal may be needed and the full set cost will be charged.  Prices are higher at the first visit and will go down to the regular fill price thereafter.
Fill from Outside Salon Prices:
Classic   -  105
Hybrid  -  140
Volume  -  175


Removal of eyelash extensions with our special hypoallergenic gel remover.
Book this to have them safely removed (please, never try to remove them on your own!)
price & time varies depending on difficulty of the removal
**Removal fee is waived if extensions need to be removed before a new set is put on.
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